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Carbonization Furnace

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Graphite Felt Carbonisation Furnace

We travel to the ends of the earth in search of theworld's finest fibres. Once home with us in italy.we transform them in sublime garments throughtime-honoured manufacturing techniques
Zhuzhou Yuanhang Industrial Furnace Technology Co., Ltd. is a new technology enterprise that provides complete solutions for various heat treatment equipment. The company currently focuses on the production of high-temperature graphitization furnaces and carbonization furnaces of various specifications to provide customers with high-tech, high-quality, cost-effective heat treatment equipment, and will continue to upgrade and innovate to grow rapidly with customer needs.
  • 10 years of equipment manufacturing experience
  • 1000㎡ standard heavy industrial factory building
  • Located in Zhuzhou, the core production area of high temperature treatment equipment in Hunan
  • 60% of the company's products are non-standard customized products
  • Provide complete solutions for various heat treatment equipment
  • Rich customization experience and deeply trusted by customers
We will lead you every step until succeed!
Home> Products> Carbonization Furnace
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